Dances Taught at Classes

2015 - 2018  Dance List

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Wintergreen - Maggie Gallagher

Living On Love AB - Lindsay Ryan

Holding Hands Together - Alison Johnstone & Jose Miguel

Don't Hurt - Karl Harry Winson & Kate Sala

Perfect - Easy - Lene Mainz


I Swear - Josh Talbot & Jamie Barnfield

Day Of The Dead - Dan Albro


Whatcha Reckon - Josh Talbot & Lu Olsen

Adalaida - Gary O'Reilly

Pretty Little Finger - Ron Tate

Pocket Of Hearts - Maggie Gallagher

Half Past Tipsy - Maddison Glover

Mother Trucker - Rob Fowler



Thankyou - Tina Argyle

Wrapped Around - Margaret Murphy

Birdsville - Margaret *& Robyn Murphy

Crash At Mine - Travis Taylor

May I Have THis Dance - Chris Watson

Gone West - Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

I'm Ready To Run - Caroline Cooper & Ann-Kristen Sandberg



Strait To The Bar - Dan Albro

Shot of Tequila - Fred Whitehouse

Crazy, Ceazy, Crazy - Francien Sittrop

A Million Drums - A Million Drums

Memories - Margaret Murphy

Uptown Girl - Bill Larson



Soul Shake - Fred Whitehouse

Playboys - Karl-Harry Winson

Beautiful Temptress - Janene Lawson

Half A Shot of Tequila - Julie Snailham

The Bull - Heather Barton & Hayley Wheatley

Train Swing - Niels Poulsen

Wim-O-Wack - L. VanVloten & Annemaree

You Need To Calm Down - Adrian Lefebour & Jessica Lamb


JULY 2019

Senorita La-La-La - Julia Wetzel

Good Thing Goin' - Adrian Lefebour

One Less Day - Tom Glover

Down At The Honky Tonk - Darren Mitchell

Bonapart's Retreat - Maddison Glover

Twist & Turns - Maddison Glover

Bad Seed Kevin & Maria

I Want To Break Free - Lu Olsen

Good At Tonight - Maddie & Josh




JUNE 2019

Don't Worry Baby - Maria Smith

I Will Follow Him - Gordon Elliott

Moody River - Connie Neilsen

Yes M'am, No M'am - Ria Vos

Lonely Blues - Rachael McEnaney,

Nothing But You - Darren Bailey

Staying In Love - June Hulcombe & Barb Wiltshire


MAY 2019

The Dance We Share - Stephen Paterson

High Beam - Darren MItchell

Should Be Said - John Bishop

A Million Dreams - Lu Olsen

Safe In My Arms EZ - Josh Talbot

Coming Home EZ - Lu Olsen

Absolutely -  Neils Poulsen

Katchi -  Rob Fowler

Graffiti Baby -  Julie Snailham


APRIL 2019

On Schedule - Margaret Murphy

Going Through My MInd - Antoinette John

Angel & Corona - Darren Bailey, Kate Sala, Guylaine Bourdages

Shaky -Gary Lafferty

I Must Be Dreaming - Vikki Morris

Keep it Simple - Maggie Gallagher


MARCH 2019

Ooh Baby - Linda Burgess

Hit A Home Run, - Gary Samms,LOrna Dennis,Cathy Hodgson 

Veneno - Ria Vos

Dance With A Stranger- Adrian Lebefour

Whole Damn Thing - Dacid Hoyne & Travis Taylor

Lonely Lovers - Maddisin Glover



You're My Anthem - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Susan - Margaret Murphy

Didn't I - Margaret Murphy

A Thousand Stars - Gary Lafferty

You Are The Reason Baby - Alison Johnstone

Someone To You - Chrissie TRent



Graffiti - Karl -Harry Winson

Pillows -  Linda Burgess

Banjo - Bill Larson

True Inspiration - Julia Wetzel

Oh Me, Oh My Oh - Rob Fowler

Black Feathers - Sandi Kerrigan

Codigo - Darren MItchell

Cheyenne's Rock - Severine Fillion

Make it Sweet - Rachael McEnaney - White



Fall Down or Fly Bill Larson

Young Again - Heather Barton

I'm A Believer - Margaret Murphy

Who You Are - Darren Mitchell

Leave A Trace - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

Damn - Rob Fowler

Triple Mix - Lorna Mursell

Special Delivery - Karl - Harry - Winson



I've Been Waiting For You - Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot

Cold Feet - Gary O'reilly

Waves Of Love - Gary O'Reilly

A Bitter Lulluby - Roy Verdonk & others

All I Am Is You - Julia Wetzel

All In My Head - Suzi Beau

Sangria Sun - Tina Argyle

Bittersweet Memory - Ria Vos



Healing Hands - Maddison Glover

Groovy Love - Fred Whitehouse. Daniel & Jonas

Girl With The Fishing Rod - Christina Yang

My Liza Jane - Margaret Murphy

Good Times - Margaret Murphy

Give Me Just One Night - Elaine Montgomery

Button Box Boy - Derek Robinson



One Girl Can Change The World - Kate Simpkin & Melissa Foong

The King & I - Karl-Harry Winson

The Thing About You - Maggie Gallagher

Sand & Cake - Narrelle Phillips

Mr Jukebox - Tom Glover

My Wave - Kate Sala


JULY 2018

Get it Right - Maddison Glover

In Our Blood - Robbie McGowan Hickie

Seeing Blind - Chris Watson

Coming Home - Lu Olsen

I'll Be There - Maggie Gallagher

Worth a Shot - Darren Mitchell

Good Friends - Jenny Berry

Fireball - Lana Williams 


JUNE 2018

I Close My Eyes Hazel Pace

Sweet Hurt - Ria Vos

Like A Fine Wine - Jaf Camps & Sebastion Bonier

Texas Time - Josh Talbot

Looking At The Moon - Michelle Risley

Away - Linda Pink & Gordon Elliott

A Woman Like You - Rhonda Mathieson & Heather Bechaz


MAY 2018

Perfect - Alison & Josh

Send Them Love - Linda Burgess

We Got Love - Adrian, Lu, & Stephen

Today Is Yesterdays Tomorrow - Gprdon Elliott

Banjo - Bill Larson


APRIL 2018

People Are Good - Gary O'Reilly

Light Up The World - Vikki Morris

Raining Glitter - Kate Sala & Rob Fowler

Soggy Bottom Summer - Kathy & Tia Breed

Keep Your Clothes On - Darren Mitchell & Stephen Paterson


MARCH 2018

Paradise - Marcus Zeckert

Whiskey Bridges - Maddison Glover

Feel Me Gone - Stephen Paterson

Hot 2 Touch - Darren Mitchell 

My Wildfire - Suzie Beau

Found - Gordon Elliott

For The World - Maddison Glover

Hey Senorita - Suzi Beau



All The King's Horses - Alison & Peter

Sweet Caroline - Darren Bailey

Baby Love - Gordon Elliott

Try To Remember - John Bishop

Soul City - Kim Ray

One Kind Of Woman - Tracie Lee 



Runnin' Around -  Di McGorey

Sadie - Margaret Murphy

Down On Your Uppers - Gary O'Reilly

Footloose EZ - Margaret Murphy

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World - Neils Poulsen

Cowboy For A Night(Beg) - Bobbi Lo

When You Love Someone Like That - Peter Fry & Bill Larson

Friends For Life- Tracie Lee, Maddison Glover & Simon Ward

Cards On The Table - Maggie Gallaagher



Life's Too Short - Kate Sala

Eyes For You -  Jo Thomson Szymanski

Dance Her Home - Rob Fowler

Every Time SHe Walks By - Heather Barton

Story - Maddison Glover

Beautiful Trauma - Margaret Murphy

Let's Go Driving - Adrian Lefebour

A Complete Change - Neils Poulsen

Beautiful Drug - Paul Snooke

Shudduppa Ya Face - Margaret Murphy



Stand Up And Boogie - Rick Todd

Caribbean Feeling - Josh Talbot

Blessed - Jackie Miranda

Good Girls - Wil Bos

Smoke & Mirrors - Darren MItchell & Stephen Patterson

Wandering Hearts - Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Beautiful Wonderful - Debbie Rushton & Jannie Tofte Anderson



Someone For You - Luke Watson

Where I'll Stay - Karen Cummings & Jennifer Hughes

Ride Away - Robbie McGowan Hickie

Throw em Back - Margaret Murphy

Friday at The Dance - Rob Fowler & Laura Sway

Rebel Just For Kicks - Ria Vos

Penny Arcade - Mark Simpkin

Rebound - William Plain & Hayley Murdoch

Countryholic - Darren Mitchell

Someone For You - Luke Watson


JULY 2017

Toe Tappin Tassies - Jan Wyllie

Honky Tonk Highway - Kelly Cavallaro

Roots - Tina Argyle

Corrina - Margaret Murphy

Amarillo By Morning - Ira Weisburd

Carribean Feeling - Audrey Watson

Red Sun Kisses The Sea - Karen Kennedy

It's Good To Be Alive - Darren Mitchell



JUNE 2017

Give U Up - Adrian Lefebour & Stephen Patterson

Lonely Drum - Darren Mitchel

Clap Ya Hands - Tim Gauci

House - Linda Burgess

Obsessed - Roxanne Moates Etc.

We're Still Standing - Linda Wolfe Cheryl & Gary Parker, Robyn Groot

Staring AT The Moon - Gudren Schneider

Built To Last - Tina Argyle


MAY 2017

I Came To Love You - Gary O'Reilly & Dee Musk

Dive - Mark Simpkin

Hold On Forever - Linda Burgess

Paddy's Choir - Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Over The Moon - Stephen & Claire Rutter

10 Minute Walk - Simon Ward & Bracken Ellis

Nancy Mulligan - Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly


APRIL 2017

Tennessee Bird Walk - Heather Baszusckyj

Champagne Promise - Tina Argyle

Shout Out To My Ex - Allison Biggs & Peter metelnick

Let's Dance - Denise Sith & Steve Shorey

There Goes My Everything - Gordon Elliott

Beyond The Sea - Gordon Elliott

Take These Chains - Michael Barr


MARCH 2017

Away - Linda Pink & Gorrdon Elliott

Another Crazy Year -  Maddison Glover

Feel The Beat - Chris Watson

Party Town - Jo Rosenblatt

Hello Summer - Lee Hamilton

Holy Days - Dwight Meessen & Lee Hamilton

Bored - Ria Vos

The Wire - Jennifer Hughes & Karen Jennings

Sweet Dynamite - Jose Miguel & David Hoyn & Others



Cowboy For A Night - Alison Johnson & David Hoyne

In Case You Didn't Know - Vivienne Scott & Kim Ray

Yes I Do - Margaret Murphy

Missing - Darren Mitchell

Another Button - Johnny Anderson & Marie Sorensen

Oops Baby - Cody Flowers & Rachael McEnaney

Happy Man - Francien Sittrop

Have You Ever Been Lonely -

Hold On - Vi Hooker

Baby I Lied - April Rywotycki

Play That Song - Josh Talbot 



Boogie Boogie Woogie - Francein Sittrop

Lipstick Powder And Paint - Stephen Rutter & Claire Rutter

Lay Down And Dance - Vikki Morris



All I Ask You - Tim Gauci

Last Night - Gordon Elliott

Living Next Door To ALice - Lu Olsen

Sun On A Black Sky - Marie Sorensen

Out Of Reach - Kathryn SLoane



Judge Not - Rachael McEnaney-White

Never Ever Go Away - Ria Vos

Lalali ( Laura & Lilly)

That Ain't Country - Darren Mitchell

The Fighter - Neils Poulsen,plus others

Love Junk - Simon Ward & Chris Watson

Your Heaven - Neils Poulsen

Country Thang - Conrad Franham

Suite 16 - Carl Henry winson



Russian Roulette - Simom Ward & Kate Simpkin

Water Off A Ducks Back -  Hazel Pace

Let It Swing - Jamie Barnfield

Some Girls Will - Vikki Morris

I Love A Rainy Night - Unknown

Cowboy Hats - Margaret Murphy



Jenny, Jenny, Jenny - Margaret Murphy

Bush Party - Gudren Schneider

Seven Year Ache - Jim Watt

Blue Ain't Your Colour - Roy Verdonk

A Little Love Trip - Vikki Morris

Feels Like Rock'nRoll - David Linger (France)

Dear Friend - Kate Sala


JULY 2016

Unchained Melody - Jennifer Jou

A touch of Rumba - Juliet Lam

Lucky Me - Maddison Glover

Mom - Josh Talbot

Bye Bye Baby - Margaret Murphy

Do A Little Life - Maddison Glover

Makes Me Think - Darren Mitchell

Frankie Fever - Maddison

Sin Sofia - Wesley F. Wessels & Rudy Honing

So Just Dance,Dance,Dance -  Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

One More Try - Tim Gauci


JUNE 2016

Spirit of the Anzacs - Sue Luke

Every little Thing - Josh Talbot

Dance With Me - Linda Burgess

Easy Americano -  Lu Olsen

Only One Call Away - Heather Barszuskyj

Mirror Mirror - Robbie McGowan Hickie

Silver Threads - Darren Mitchell


MAY 2016

Ain't Misbehavin - Guyton Mundy & Others

S.T. One - Rachael

Gold On The Ceiling - Margaret Murphy

Better When I'm Dancing - Josh Talbot

Andante, Andante - Stephen Patterson

Blackpool By The sea - Gaye Teather

Bring On The Goodtimes - Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Bring Down The House - Linda Burgess

Thinkin Country - Simon Ward



APRIL 2016

Give - Gordon Elliott

High Class - Darren Mitchell

Sinatra & Chardonnay

Lonely Girl - Maddison Glover

All Out Of Love - Gordon Elliott

Patsy Fagan


MARCH 2016

Maling History - Craig Bennett, Dee Musk, Simon Ward

Everytime You Cry - Lu Olsen

Wolves - Anne Herd & Travis Taylor

Dancing Around It - Darren Mitchell

Blood, Sweat and A Shandy - Vi Hooker

Under The Moon of Love - Rachael Mcenaney-Smith



Gimmie That Title - Tim Gauci

Darling Hold My Hand - Neville Ftzgerald & Julie Harris

Promise Me Love - Darren  Mitchell

Sadie's Dress - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris



Hello Mary Lou - Margaret Murphy

Big Blue Tree - Ria Vos

Little Liza Jane - Neils Poulsen

Skip The Line - Kate Sala



New Shade Of Blue - Yvonne Anderson

Imagine - Guylaine & Guillaume



Greater Than Me - Maggie Gallagher

Crazy For You - Robbie McGowan Hickie

Lay Low - Tim Gauci

Overload - Chris Watson & Anne Herd



Locklin's Bar - Maggie Gallagher

My Gypsy Queen - Jo Hough

Tuesday Blues - Simon Ward

One More Chance - Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse 

Let It Go - Darren Mitchell

Twists & Turns - Maddison Glover

Baby I'm Right - Tim Gauci



Eureka - Robie McGowan Hickie

A Real Good Time - Tim Gauci

Teenage Dreamin - Maddison Glover

Until The End - Maggie Gallagher



Break Me Up - Kate Sala

Peligrosa - Ria Vos

Dreaming In Silver And Gold - Alison & Peter

Written In Scars -Karl-Harry Winson & Ross Brown



Heavenly Cha - Dee Musk

Break Me Up - Kate Sala

Margaritas In Mexico - Rob Pointer

Tell The World - Robbie McGowan Hickie

Ticket To The Blues - Neils Poulsen

Build Me Up Buttercup - Dee Musk

Quicksand - Francien Sittrop



Shut Up & Dance - Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick

Girl Crush - Alison Johnstone & Rachael McAnaney

Hidalgo Boogie -  Ira Weisburd

The Bomp - Kim Ray



Babycham - Peter Metlenic & Alison Biggs

Stories We Could Tell -  Tom Glover

Marvin Gaye - Josh Talbot



Priscilla - Maddison  Glover

Morning Sun - Gordon Elliott

Summer Rain - Gordon Elliott

Rock & Roll King - Rachael Mc Enaney

Budapest - Rosalie McKay

Heidi - Jan Wyllie




Up - Alison Biggs  Peter Metelnick

Singalong Song -  Ira Weisburd

Make it Hurt - Maddison Glover & Chris Watson

Better Than Ever - Maddison Glover

Ex's & Oh's Basic - Lu Olsen



Redneck Woman - Ella Young

We Only Live Once - Robbie McGowan Hickie

When You Wish Upon A Star - Ira Weisburd

Heartaches & Honky Tonks - Bill Larson

Memphis Love - Vikki Morris

Two Way  Kiss - Ria Vos



Eternal Secret - Ria Vos

Your Loving Arms - Vikki Morris

Shake It Off - Alison Biggs & Peter Metenlick

All About A Woman - Maggie Gallagher

Piano Man - Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell

Oh Carol - Margaret Murphy



Wordlessly -  Beverley Evans *  William Roberts

Honey I'm Good  -  Adrian Lebefour & Jessica Lamb

Walk Alone - Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie

Crocodile Roll - Ira Weisburd




Americano -  Lu Olsen

Cecilia  -  Willie Brown & Heather Barton




Fall In Love - Pat Stott(B)

Big Green Tractor - Debbie Reinholdt(B)

Pretty Boy, Ugly Heart - Hayley Wheatley & Heather Freeman

Eurodance - Robbie McGowan Hickie

Masquerade - Karl-Harry Winson

Such A Fool - Neils Poulsen

Good Time Girls - Tim Gauci

Trouble With Treble - Maddy Glover

Long Time Gone - Pat Stott

Dear Future Husband - Julia Wetzel

Skiff-A-Billy - Connie Neilsen(B)

Jailhouse/Creole - Double Trouble(B)




Windy City Waltz (Revised) Simon Ward plus. 

EZ Over The Rainbow - Annemarie SLeeth

Dixie Road -  June Hulcolmbe & Barb Wiltshire

Telescope - Ray & Trish Graham

A Long Way Home - Gordon Elliott



Wildcard - Kathryn Sloane

Playin' Tricks - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Roma - Carl Sullivan

Overcomer - Mark Simpkin

Over The Rainbow Swing - Gordon Elliott

Keep Them Kisses Comin' - Darren Mitchell

Ready To Love Again - Vi Hooker

The Story Of My Life - Craig Bennet (UK)

Making Memories - Antoinette John



Don't Rock The Jukebox - Margaret Murphy

Loved By You - Margaret Murphy

Can't Let Go - Margaret Murphy

Just Close Your Eyes - Bill Larson

Love Is Easy - Linda Burgess

Bonfire Heart - Linda Burgess

Let's Get Ridiculous - Alison Johnson & Luke Potts

I Believe - Alison Johnstone & David Hoyn

Let's Have A Party - Rachael McEnaney, John Robinson, Jo Thompson



Counting Stars ( Easily) -  Sandra Speck

Fools to Kings - Amanda Bowden

Alcazar - Robbie McGowan Hicke & Karl-Henry Winson

'Us'(She & I) - Gordon Elliott

Dance With Me Baby(Beg) - Kirsthen Hansen

Geronimo - Linda Burgess



Feel Alright (aka, Love Runs Out) - Margaret Murphy

The Blarney Roses - Maggie Gallagher

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O - Maggie Gallagher

Better Than You - Gordon Elliott

You're My Destination - Jennie Berry

All I Can Say - Simon Ward & Rachael McAnaney

Country Soul - Marie Sorensen

Hope U Find It - Tim Gauci



In My Heart - Maggie Gallagher

Ritmo -  Ria Vos

Mountain Girl - Kathryn & Kelvin Dale

Popcorn - Tim Gauci

Driven -  Rob Fowler

Timber - Allison Biggs & Peter Metelnick

Down To The Country - Margaret Murphy



Do You Love Me  -  Margaret ?

Cowboy Yoddle Song  -  Pierre Provencher

Borrow My Heart - Travis Taylor 

Fly High - Maggie Gallagher

Baby Kisses - Robbie McGowan Hickie

The Shoebox - Dee Musk




Dance With Me Tonight - Joshua & Julie Talbot

A Little Bit Gypsy - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Finders, Keepers - Jennifer Hughes

Shame & Scandal In The Family - Rep Ghazali (Scotland)

I've Found Love - Vivienne Scott

Cabellero -  Ira Weisburd

Got My Baby Back - Maggie Gallagher

Black Cats & Voodoo Dolls  (Rev)

Drift Where The Currents Take Me - Karen Kennedy (Scotland)

Papa Bears Bed (R) - Jan Wyllie


Sally's Ghost  (R) - Sally Graham & Margaret Murphy

A Part Of Me - Oscar (Turkey)

Dream Lover - Danial Whittaker

Firestarter  - Alison Johnstone & Adeline Cheng

Kick Up Your Heels - Linda Wolfe