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September 2016 Patient Heart

Sep Social 2016-1

July 2016 Jambalaya


July 2016 Gold on the Ceiling

Gold on The Ceiling

July 2016 Darren's Country & Western Social

July 2016  Darren's Country & Western Social

Hampton Park Retirement Village

Hampton Park retirement village 0028

Hampton Park Retirement Village

May 2016-Hampton Park retirement village

Korumburra Show - February 2016

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Korumburra Show Video - Click Here

Wordlessly - by Beverley & William

Doreen at Tamworth 2016

Can Can - Reiner's 80th 2015

Oh Carol - Korumburra Show 2015

Oh Carol - Margaret Murphy

Oh Carol - Boots 'n' Us Social

This Is Your Life - Doreen Carlson

Dirty Bit - Doreen Carlson

Dear Future Husband - Julie Wetzel

Sally's Ghost - Sally Graham & Margaret Murphy

Let Me Live Again   - Gudrun Schneider

Rod & Marie, renewing their vows on Cup Day 2013(pretending)

Halloween at Jenny's Oct. 2013

Marcia's Fundraiser Oct. 2013 - Clogging

Marcia's Fundraiser Oct. 2013 - The Waltz

Rock & Roll at Kings Creek 2013

Hot Tomales at King's Creek 2013

Yellow Day at Open Door 2013

Jamie 2013

Jamie -  Skiffle Time

The Worlds

20 Years of The Outback

The Outback

Boots'n'Us Social


World Champions 2013

Uk August 2013

Rock, Paper scissors

January Social

Pick A Bale

February Social 2013

Southern Streamline

At the Birthday Social 2013

Anything But a Cha-Cha

Choreography by Bill Larson

Back to School Night 2013

Don't they look gorgeous!

May 2013 Social

Frankie's New Backup Singers

Sally's birthday celebrations April 2013

Man! I Feel Like a Woman

Getting a bit worried about these boys!

The Berwick Beauties

Performing at Boots 'n' Us 16h Birthday 2011